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Milan, Italy is the main city of northern Italy, and is located in the plains of Lombardy, the most populated and developed region in Italy.

The city has a large international airport known as Malpensa International Airport (MXP), located in the northern suburb of Busto Arsizio and connected to the downtown with the "Malpensa Express" railway service.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy is one of the most stylish and dazzling cities in Italy and one of the most historically significant. It is the site of countless impressive buildings in many architectural styles ranging from Neo-classical Milanese palazzos to ultra-modern towers and office blocks. The commercial metropolis of Milan is home to many leading business centers, financial institutions and Italy's stock market. Milan is also known throughout the world for its high fashion and excellence in the field of design.

Milan (Milano), situated on the flat plains of the Po Valley, is the capital of Lombardy and Italy’s richest and second largest city. Milan is divided into 20 distinct zones that are identified numerically by the local council, but which also have names. Most of the major attractions in Milan are located in the city centre. The enormous Milan Duomo is the third largest cathedral in the world. This elegant structure took four centuries to construct. There are also Castello Sforzeco, a fortress built in 1368 whch later became an elegant and stunning Renaissance residence; the Teatro alla Scala Opera House built in 1776 and hosting some superb theatrical productions; and Santa Maria delle Grazie, an elaborate church dating back to 1463, in which Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, The Last Supper, is on display.

There are also numerous art galleries and museums, such as the Pinacoteca di Brera Gallery, housing one of Italy's most important art collections; the Villa Reale and Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna which feature masterpieces by famous artists, such as Grassi, Matisse and Picasso; Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi, considered to be one of the finest museums in the whole of Europe, with many outstanding displays and collections; and Milan's Civic Archaeological Museum with exhibits dating back 4,000 years.

Italy's most prosperous and populous city, Milan has many other treasures awaiting discovery by visitors.Piazza Duomo and its amazing cathedral sit at the heart of Milan. A ring of streets encircles what was the medieval city, with the Duomo at its center. A larger concentric ring divides central Milan from its sprawling suburbs. Walk northwest from Piazza Duomo on Via Mercanti, which becomes the pedestrian-only street Via Dante. Continue down Via Dante to the Castello Sforzesco, home of the Renaissance rulers of Milan. The castle now contains several museums.

Within the inner ring and northeast of Piazza Duomo are the main shopping areas of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and (bordered roughly by Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone), the area referred to as the "golden triangle" West of the golden triangle and behind La Scala, but still within the inner ring, is the chic area known as the Brera, with its more bohemian subdivision, the Latin Quarter. The Pinacoteca di Brera, which is one of the city's most celebrated art galleries. The medieval Navigli area (named for its canals) lies southwest of the city center, outside the first ring road. Most of its canals are covered now, though two remaining canals extend south and west from Piazza XXIV Maggio.

The major landmarks of Milan can be seen on foot. In fact, most are within a stone's throw of Piazza Duomo, the heart of the city. Heading north from Piazza Duomo, through the elegant Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, built in 1865 as one of the world's first indoor shopping arcades, you will come to Piazza della Scala, home of the famous La Scala opera house.

Look for memorable nightlife in The Navigli, Brera, and Corso Como areas, as well as in the Latin Quarter. This area by teems with nightclubs, which means that it is always lively and a little chaotic. The Naviglio leads to the autostrada for Genova. The Assago complex, where the home to concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of events is located. Family attractions include the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology; the Giardini Pubblici, puppet shows at Teatro delle Marionette, and a trip to Gardaland, Italy's answer to Disneyland.

Another district that is famous for its exhibitions and Trade Fairs is Amendola-Fiera. This is a residential area as well, with many tree-lined streets and tall palazzi, most of which were constructed after 1930 and are still in good condition. Vittoria is also a popular residential area that has a working or middle-class feel.

Viale Lazio (one of the streets in this area) is made up predominantly of residential, leafy avenues; Corso Lodi reverberates with the hum of commercial activity. Viale Umbria is residential and Corso XXII Marzo is filled with shops. Some fashion houses have their headquarters in Vittoria, between Viale Umbri and Corso Lodi. Further east, between Forlanini's verdant park and Taliedo, (heading towards Linate airport) is the Idroscalo, a large dock filled with water where one can swim, sunbathe, and sail. There is still some industrial activity further east on Viale Mugello and towards Viale Molise (the large complex of Macello Comunale) and further out, beyond the station of Porta Vittoria, is the famous wholesale market, Mercato Ortofrutticolo. Città Studi (Study city) is located in the east of Milan and as the name suggests, is the University district, home to the Polytechnic and several chemistry, biology and pharmaceuticals departments. Many of the buildings here were constructed from the 1920s through the 1940s, and the overall feel is that of a charming, residential area with trees on every street. San Siro is famous for its stadiums: San Siro football ground and its Montestella, stadium. This area sums up Milan and its combined love for music, media, glamour and football!
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