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Burlington is a city in Vermont. Burlington's climate is moderate for Vermont.

There are four frost-free months in the summer and three months of almost entirely below-freezing weather in the winter. Annual precipitation is around 1 meter of rainfall equivalent distributed fairly equally over the year. Total annual snowfall is generally slightly over 2 meters.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, the largest population center in Vermont, is only 76 miles south of Montreal, Canada. The city was founded in 1763 and is one of the most popular destinations in New England. Outside magazine even named the city a "Dream Town." People come to Burlington, and Vermont, to enjoy the outdoors and the small town life.

Burlington lies the shore of Lake Champlain, which forms a beautiful backdrop to the town and its many activities. Skiing, hiking and spectacular scenery are an essential part of life in Vermont and in Burlington. The mountains and hills, the national parks, the ski areas, the lakes, and the dramatic change of seasons draw many visitors.

Indoors and out, Burlington has much to offer. The Church Street Marketplace is a pedestrian mall filled with small boutiques, cafes, and craft vendors. Burlington has a wonderfully independent culture all its own. The city is a favorite of residents of Vermont, who come to Burlington to experience the festive hospitality of the city.

Burlington's unique small town, yet sophisticated culture, its generous and happy spirit, and its incomparable scenery all combine to inspire and to refresh.
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